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The core part of the website design is not required for the coding process , despite the conventional wisdom. Technologies such as HTML , CSS and JavaScript give the web the form and the way in which we communicate.

However, the most common things that lie behind the scenes are the preliminary information collection, detailed planning and after-launch maintenance phases, and remain the key part of the web site development life cycle.

Website Development

Web designers frequently think of the process of web design with a focus on technical issues such as wire-frames, code and content management. But great programming isn’t about how you combine or just sleek views with social media buttons. Great design is about designing a website that fits an overall plan ..

Well-designed websites have more than aesthetics. Visitors are drawn and the product, the business and the branding are understood by many measures, including images , texts and interactions.

Design Goal identification

Scope definition

Sitemap and wire-frame creation

Content creation

Application Development

In the shortest possible time and with no risk, I use the spiral-iterative method to create application softwares. The application is submitted at various times during this process.

I begin the project with the recovery of your demands, business analysis and the creation of a list of features and cost estimates. The contract for outsourcing will be signed and the project begins. 

Requirement Definition




Product Launches

Organizations nowadays have to be smart. When goods aren’t properly launched, businesses can not produce profits, expand or even succeed.

A product launch consists of four general aspects: advertisement and marketing , logistics, development and distribution and adequate availability.

The expected budget and marketing efforts to support the launch of the product vary depending on the company ‘s priorities for a product. A new fishing lure brand that is meant to be an add-on sale will have far smaller budgets than a new and nothing different small household gadget.

Customer Development

Positioning And Messaging

Teach Out The Positioning

Create Your Plan For Launch Day

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