Become a full-stack web developer in days

A few days ago I went about my leisurely surfing on the global internet and I came across a training center site like no other. He offered 9-week accelerated training to become, I quote, “a full-stack web developer” and that only for 7,500 euros. Continuing nonchalant surfing I discovered that there were even several boxes that did that. It is starting to become legion we are forced to talk about it.

It’s like a diet ad

diet ad

In a diet ad, so that as many people as possible click on it, we will twist reality to get an idea in. A simple idea but one that sells. “It’s easy and fast”. But we agree that really losing weight is not easy and even less fast. Without motivation, effort, consistency, and real reasons for losing weight, it takes a long time. It’s a long winding path that never stops. And web development is the same. If you could really become a full-stack web developer, FULLSTACK PLUS, in a few weeks there would not be a shortage of dev in the country.

Already I would like to give you the perspective of the profession. The 2020 roadmaps to becoming a full-stack web developer. So OK, this roadmap is hell. I agree with you that you don’t need to know all that to be a full-stack web developer. But that’s all there is to it. This is the context in which you are supposed to evolve in just 9 weeks. 9 weeks damn shit is ridiculous. I am doing this article to warn you. We sell you the dream, a distorted version of reality. We take your hopes to develop your ideas or professional retraining alone and we make money off it. And in this article, I will explain to you why to finally give you free and alternative solutions. This may prevent you from wasting your time and money.

It’s for the basics and more

If you have never developed before and you come back for a 9 week Bootcamp: I tell you right away you will not go out operational. You will not be autonomous and even less able to enter as a professional in a serious business. Unless you’re some sort of Stephen Hawking capable of absorbing everything with a photographic memory of space, it’s dead.

At best the best it takes down an internship and clings to keep it. Is it possible to be an operational project manager in just 9 weeks? So why would it be to make code? In fact, I am afraid of the marketing effect that we are trying to make you swallow. I know it’s the era that wants that too. We want everything right away. And someone will find a way to market it to the maximum to make you believe that it is possible.

It is not you who have a pigeon brain, it is just that you cannot swallow so much information, keep it and use it, in such a short time. It is humanly impossible you are not superman. Like all the trades of the earth, it takes time for the brain to assimilate it. And a little more to execute it correctly without farting everything every five minutes. 

You do not want to become a dangerous burden for a company all this to give up your retraining a month later. I don’t know if the boxes behind this really mean helping people with this kind of hyper-accelerated program. And I would be very curious to know the results after the program because the only feedback we see is not very encouraging.

Test before you commit

git, git push, commit,full-stack web developer

Coding is not like in the movies. It’s not simple and super fun all the time. Development takes long hours of frustration and brain triturations to achieve a result that is mostly invisible. The feeling of completion gives beauty to all this but it will not please everyone. And to find out if you like this deal, believe it or not, you don’t have to pay 7,500 euros. There are free sites. I know it’s crazy free. They take things in order, give time for discovery and learning. For example, learning the algorithm before coding it is useful. And above all it allows you to test before committing to Git.

If you are too lazy to look for these are a few: we can start with Openclassrooms a lot of free lessons, discoveries for each concept followed by the language itself and finally more complex things. With a little more practice, you could then become interested in freeCodeCamp. A Bootcamp also but free this time and online! If this first experience did not please, I tell you frankly, stop immediately.

Because this is the fun part that you saw. If, on the other hand, after all this, you get hooked and you want to go further, then I would recommend serious training centers that take the time, in several months and more, to really teach you things instead of trying to force them. in the head. Ho and by the way for people attracted to wages is also a bad idea. Because the truth is that attractive salaries are reserved for confirmed developer positions.


It has nothing to do with an overflow of ego. And it’s even less a teenage reaction like “it’s too hard the dev lol and we are the best”. It’s just not feasible. There are too many things. You can have the basics, that’s right, but the people who promise to be operational are lying to you. Or rather sell you from the dream, a distorted version of reality. 

An amateur knowledge does not make you a professional and that like in all trades. It’s just common sense. If you have done several years of study and/or self-taught learning before landing an internship to finally return junior with a ridiculous salary it is not for fun. And all that without speaking of the fact that the developer is a trade apart. I don’t warn people because I’m an asshole, but because I know the reality of the job. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I have seen people in retraining making a U-turn in all the boxes I went through.


Beware of what we offer you. You are not learning a trade that most people have spent years sweating and trying to master in a few weeks. There are serious solutions for retraining. These soft and long solutions also allow you to answer more than important questions. Are you made for this job? Do you like what it implies? And all that before throwing your money out the window.

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